Xiapi Online Store Launches Tarot Divination with Amazing Patterns and Quality


Tarot cards are known as one of the popular forms of divination. Unlike other methods of fortune telling, such as palm reading or astrology, tarot is highly interpretable and allows the user to customize their readings by selecting which cards to include and in what order.

Xiapi online store announces a new Tarot divination product. Tarot divination is a method of fortune telling that uses a deck of cards divided into two parts. The first part is called the Minor Arcana, which consists of four suits: wands (or staves), cups, swords, and coins (or pentacles). The second part is called the Major Arcana and consists of 22 cards.

Tarot divination dates back to the 15th century and was derived from a deck called Triumphs. It was originally used by French royalty to predict the future, but quickly became popular throughout Europe as a method of guessing the future. The word “tarot” means “game of triumph”.

The Tarot has four suits like regular playing cards, but each suit has 14 cards instead of 13. Each card has a number and a title such as “The Wheel of Fortune”, “The Star” or “Death “. The titles correspond to specific meanings. For example, in the Minor Arcana, card 6 represents “The Lover” while card 7 represents “The Chariot”; in the Major Arcana, card II represents “Force” while card III represents “The Empress”.

The Xiaopi store representative explained, “The Tarot comprises 78 cards (including 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana) divided into three categories: wands, cups, swords, pentacles and clubs. Rods correspond to fire; cups correspond to water; The swords correspond to the wind; the pentacles correspond to the earth; the clubs correspond to the wood. Each card has a unique meaning of its own, different from the traditional Chinese method of fortune telling. For example, when you draw the “Wheel of Fortune” card, you can interpret it as a positive change in your life or career. By combining different cards according to their meanings, you will get various combinations of your current situation and learn how they will affect your future.

Tarot divination is a popular fortune-telling tool in the West. It gives those who use it a sense of insight into themselves, whether positive or negative. Many believe that tarot divination can even influence future events by altering the attitude, perception and behavior of the user. For example, if one does not like his job, Tarot can help him find a new one.

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Xiaopi online store is one of the leading online stores in China. It has a wide range of affordable and high quality products. They include warehouse products, fashion, children’s toys, and more. Their new product is Tarot Divination which has a great design and affordable prices.

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