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Amy Roloff’s passion for cooking has been featured extensively on LPBW. Here’s what to know about Amy’s online business, Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen.

Amy Roloff’s love of cooking has been a staple Small people, big world over the years, and now that she runs a thriving online store when she’s not starring on the show, here’s what fans need to know about Amy Roloff’s tiny kitchen. Since the premiere of season 1 in 2006, Small people, big world focused on Amy and her ex-husband Matt Roloff’s family and their daily lives while living on their famous Oregon farm. The former couple have four children: twins Zach and Jeremy, as well as Molly and Jacob. Amy was often seen looking after her family at the start of the seasons, which included cooking a variety of meals for them.


While some Small people, big world fans criticized Amy’s original recipes from time to time, the majority of viewers enjoyed watching Amy “do the chef” in the kitchen. While Amy is completely dedicated to taking care of her children and her husband, Chris Marek, whom she married in 2021, the Roloff matriarch has always had a passion for cooking. Although Amy’s passion started as a hobby, the 57-year-old has turned her fun meals into a serious business. Whereas several Roloffs have been criticized for not pursuing careers away from home Small people, big worldviewers are particularly interested in Amy’s online store and the products she offers.

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Amy Roloff’s little kitchenwhich Amy first launched in 2016, pays homage to her passions for cooking and baking by sharing dozens of recipes with Small people, big world Fans. From chicken cacciatore and butter chicken to classic chocolate mousse, Amy has a wide variety of free recipes that cover breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and even snacks. Besides each of Amy’s recipes having detailed explanations and photos, many also feature step-by-step videos for an easier way to follow. Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen offers more than just recipes, as Amy also has several collections that include different variations of coffee and fudge. Plus, Amy’s shop extends beyond her website, as she also runs a popular YouTube channel, Amy Roloff’s little kitchenwhich frequently hosts live streams with guests.

Amy’s online business offers more than recipes and food, as Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen also sells a variety of home, kitchen and design products. Amy’s website currently hosts a Summer 2022 collection, which features products such as earrings with an attached autographed photo, handmade themed face masks, mugs, aprons and carpets. mouse. Amy’s fans and Small people, big world can also purchase Amy’s official cookbook and an autographed version of her memoir a little me. “My thought and belief in life is: we all matter and we all have value and purpose“, reads Amy’s mission statement.”The journey of my life, in all its ups and downs, is still a wonderful life.”

Although the fallout from Amy and Matt’s divorce, as well as the fate of Roloff Farms, were two storylines featured on Small people, big world season 23, fans of the series are happy that Amy has roots outside of reality TV. With dozens of recipes offered for free, viewers interested in Amy’s cooking have multiple ways to see the recipes come to life. In the meantime, fans can continue to learn about Amy, Chris, and their relationship with Matt and his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, on TLC.

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Small people, big world airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on TLC.

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