What I ordered: Lady disappointed with online store forced to wear t-shirt and jeans at Nigeria news event


In another story of online shopping disappointment, netizens shared their thoughts on what could have gone wrong with the order.

If you thought that the only constant thing in life is change, then you have certainly been wrong. Alongside the change, stand the disappointments of online shopping alongside the “breakfasts” served by tailors.

Nigerians shared their thoughts on the issue. Photo credit: @hustlersquare
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In this story, however, the focus is on online sellers who are marketing things they don’t have in store.

Entrepreneur, Hustlersquare shared an article about a lady who ordered a dress online with the intention of wearing it to a wedding ceremony that was supposed to attend.

However, what was in the delivery package was not what she had hoped for.

Although sporting the same design advertised on the “luxury online store”, the cut and fit of the dress was very different and also inferior.

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According to Hustlersquare, the lady was forced to wear casual attire to the wedding due to the disappointment she suffered.

The caption for the article reads as follows:

“Aunt said she bought this at a fancy store on Instagram (so it’s not a cheap dress) … Eventually she had to wear a t-shirt and jeans to the wedding she had … Sometimes I don’t understand the disparity between what you sell online versus what you actually have ??? Abeg who can help me spot the difference and come up with solutions. “

See the post below:


Below, some comments from Internet users:


“They sold her a replica. The dress she got looks like the model’s but it’s definitely not the same dress. I guess they have a replica and used the model to attract customers.”


“The dresses have a certain similarity in fabric and design, certainly not in style. The seller used the model as bait to attract buyers.”

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“One is Turkey, the other is China.”


“Luxury sellers should start taking photos of their products”


“They sold him some fabric from the Egungun Masquerade Festival.”


“Hmmm .. this one is loud o !. There is a huge difference !! The length, material used and finish of the dress is nothing like the original dress. The solution, in my opinion, is to return the dress for a refund “

feet and sparks:

“It’s good that some sellers just spoil the online business for us, the difference is obvious and for goodwill reasons the seller has to apologize and refund, except the seller is unaware”

The tailor disappoints the lady

There are a lot of big disappointments in life and not having a good tailor or a good fashion designer in your corner will most certainly give you some pretty big disappointments, just like the lady in this story.

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Sometimes it’s easier and often cheaper to have stylish celebrity rocked looks recreated by your own tailor rather than having it go to the original designer.

This seems to be the case with a lady who was recently stunned after taking delivery of a dress she had ordered from her tailor.

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