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The USWNT Players Association announced and launched an online store Thursday featuring merchandise for anyone who wants to support their favorite USWNT athletes.

The store sells customizable jerseys and t-shirts as well as bags, kids’ gear and player figurines. The online presence solves a long-standing problem with women’s sports, as merchandise has sometimes been hard to come by.

“It’s just that we continue to invest in ourselves,” Annie Reid, USWNTPA director of strategic partnerships and business, told USA TODAY Sports. “We put this out there so people could have a one-stop shop instead of going to various outlets and having 40 different carts open. Nobody likes that.

Before the 2019 World Cup, Alex Morgan, Kelley O’Hara and Allie Long created and sold t-shirts, generating over $1 million in sales in less than 30 days. After their title win, Nike struggled to keep up with the demand for the team’s products.

“You hear more fans asking that. You look in social media, it happens all the time and has been very prevalent and acute in recent years,” Reid said. “At an event, the #1 question you see in social spaces is, ‘Where can we find the gear?’ Or, ‘How come we can’t find any merchandise?’

The aim of the new store is to add to what is already available and continue to showcase the viability and profitability of women’s sports.

The new USWNTPA store and merchandise can be found here.


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