The importance of purpose in any online marketing strategy


In a virtual landscape dominated by images, by the power of visual content, brands and companies are faced with the need to find winning strategies to promote their activities on social networks, without being banal and absolutely avoiding offering too static content.

Almost everyone is primarily looking to increase their number of followers, invest large sums of money in referrals and hope that new consumers will magically emerge from new followers.

For communication and marketing consultants, one of the most difficult challenges is precisely to try to send a clear message to their interlocutors: to impose yourself on social networks, you do not need numbers, but content. quality. When the business leaders we interact with are not particularly savvy about social networks, being almost completely unfamiliar with the dynamics of the web and the virtual world, we often hear outlandish and completely absurd requests, which in some cases still represent the one of the main obstacles preventing companies (even small ones) from fearlessly and definitively seizing all the opportunities offered by digitalisation, and in particular those offered by social networks. At some point, no doubt spurred on by a few news stories read here and there on the Internet, or by a particularly pointed conversation held at the bar in the morning, many CEOs and business leaders suddenly realize that they must set a completely different tone for their online communication, by taking more care of their social profiles or even creating new ones, going beyond the certainty (also hard won) of owning a company website.

Many of these executives turn to external consultants without having a clear idea in mind of what they need, without a real objective. All they want, in most cases, is the activation and management of a few social profiles, as if the success of an online communication strategy could Ddepends on the mere existence of an Instagram or TikTok channel.

The role of social media

Want to creating social profiles to boost your communication is completely correct; it is a crucial objective that must be pursued by any company, regardless of its size. What is missing, in most cases, is a strategic approach to the problem, a well-structured communication plan around a single word: why? It may seem trivial, but hardly anyone really has in mind what they want to achieve from their social presence. Many entrepreneurs and business leaders still believe that being on YouTube or Twitter can bridge any business’s digital divide, with the possibility (never expressed in words but invariably coveted) of increasing sales as well.

The starting point for planning any social strategy must therefore be the identification of the main objective, the reason that pushes you to open new channels of communication. If you can’t dig, you probably don’t need social channels, because your business is already doing great as it is (but these days everyone should have new channels, if only to be able to tap into a larger pool of potential customers).

business needs

Often, identifying the primary objective is the most difficult challenge in the dialogue with a company that wishes to strengthen its social presence. In fact, once the main objective is clarified, everything else comes almost automatically. It only remains for the leaders to delegate a qualified team to manage and supervise the social channels of the company, which must obviously respect the strategic framework agreed with the high personalities of the brand. A profile with fewer followers, but managed wisely, with exciting and narrative content, will undoubtedly engage more people (i.e. potential customers), thus encouraging them to make a specific action within company channels (such as a purchase).

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If we are clear in our minds about the real reason for performing a certain action, the next steps will be further facilitated by a unique and enviable condition that is sought by many and conquered by very few: mental clarity.


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