The Apple Online Store is experiencing downtime in some countries – Why?


Apple’s online store is experiencing downtime in some countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, etc., according to MacRumors.

The tech company’s online store is not globally down, however, as it remains operational in some other countries.

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For nearly an hour on Tuesday, Apple’s online store experienced a major outage, but when it came back online, a new, redesigned version of the webpage appeared.

Apple Online Store crashes in some countries

The latest report from MacRumors indicates that the online Apple Store is down in some European countries. Moreover, countries like Australia, US, UK and Canada are also experiencing downtime.

As the tech company’s e-commerce platform is experiencing downtime, this means that it is not accessible to some users.

Since the downtime is not global, Apple customers in unaffected countries can still visit the online store without any issues. With this, users can browse the site and view various products seamlessly, according to Tech Times.

In some countries where the online Apple Store is experiencing downtime, people visiting the website may only see a huge “Be Back” notice, according to Tech Times.

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The reason why Apple Store is down

According to Apple, they “make updates from the Apple Store”. With this, the technology company asks its visitors to “come back soon”.

Despite Apple’s statement, MacRumors said users have to wait a while to find out what update Apple is working on. It remains to be seen which aspect of the page became the reason the company took its online store offline.

Customers still need to know if the downtime has something to do with scheduled maintenance or a new product launch.

It is also quite possible that the company will roll out a new promotional offer that customers will be able to access once the online store is up and running again.

It’s also quite possible that the downtime is due to some changes to the “design or functionality of Apple’s online store,” according to MacRumors. Likewise, it could be for other reasons.

Online Apple Store dropped in the past, returned with new offers

The online Apple Store downtime began around 7:45 p.m. PT on July 31.

This isn’t the first time Apple’s online store has experienced downtime. In fact, on the last day of June, Apple’s online store was briefly closed.

When the online store came back online, it offers a new promotion in the United States. Apple provided a $50 Apple Gift Card when a customer purchases one of the new Apple TVs through July 14.

Similarly, on June 6, the online store was also closed a few hours before Apple’s Keynote WWDC. The reason for the downtime is that Apple is preparing to launch new products. It is also possible that during this period the company is preparing to take pre-orders for a new product.

Considering the timing of the downtime, since today is the last day of July, we can anticipate that another promotion is about to arrive in some countries. However, a new supply is only one of the many possibilities of unavailability and we will have to wait what happens next.

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