Shopify Extends Native Ad Options For Online Marketing


Shopify will soon be adding new native ad buying features for Facebook and Snapchat, as this should make it easier for merchants to access marketing campaigns through their online stores.

Shopify hopes to make buying ads and creating content as easy and straightforward as possible.

Starting today, Shopify’s online merchants now have the ability to create dynamic ads on Facebook, and over the coming weeks, the company will be rolling out Story Ads on Snapchat as well. This extends Shopify’s existing marketing integrations, which include carousel ads on Facebook and Google Smart shopping campaigns.

The new marketing section was originally launched in October, with the tech giant saying it understands marketing is extremely important for brands that reach customers directly. Shopify noted that they wanted to make it easier for these merchants to access marketing, so they decided to centralize marketing integrations. He made integrations accessible alongside online store, inventory, and sales management.

Along with new features for its online customers, Shopify is also emphasizing traditional retailers. Last week, the company finally launched its Tap & Chip Reader, allowing in-store retailers to process payments quickly and securely, through payment-enabled phones, as well as debit and credit cards. The announcement marked the first launch of the Reader since its initial announcement in early 2018. It has been made available to merchants with a retail kit, which includes a docking station for the reader and support for the reader. retail for iPad.

While remaining primarily an e-commerce business, Shopify has expanded its in-store retail offerings over the past few years.

“We want to make sure that we take all the years of work that we have been doing since [Shopify Plus] customers and making sure we’re delivering it to them in a way that makes sense and helps them solve their unique issues. Shopify Plus has done it for the business and Shopify Retail will do it for the physical region, ”Satish Kanwar, vice president of products at Shopify, told BetaKit.

He noted that often Shopify customers are not a specific type, with some physical retailers moving online and vice versa. He said the Ottawa-based company seeks to meet its customers anytime they interact with Shopify, seeking to create a cohesive experience between online and in-store functionality.

Regarding today’s announcement, Shopify noted that when it comes to its online business, it “knows[s] that marketing is extremely important ”and hopes to make buying ads and creating content as easy and straightforward as possible. Shopify has also indicated that more features for its new marketing section will be available later this year.


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