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by Doris Liu

JD Accompany Plan,’s parenting ecosystem integrating shopping with services and education, recently released the Maternity, Baby and Parenting Industry Refined User Operations Report 2022 to interpret fine-tuned user operation by baby’s age month as well as to reveal in-depth information, practical operation and industry trends.

Consumers in the maternity and baby industry exhibit characteristics of rapid iteration and short consumption life cycle, forcing brands to revise and strengthen their ability for fine operation based on deeper understanding client.

According to the report, 31.2% of parents of babies under the age of one believe that since children are too young to clearly express their needs, they can only guess product suitability by trying different baby products. . In addition, 38.2% of parents of children aged 7 to 12 believe that their children have personal preferences and self-awareness. The inconsistency between buyers and actual users makes it difficult to match needs, and the rapid growth of babies also poses a challenge for families to match products over time. The report says that 26.4% of parents of babies aged 4 to 6 months are the most anxious about shopping because they hardly know what to buy.

A refined user operation by baby’s age month is urgently needed. In order to scale the solutions accordingly, JD Accompany Plan has launched specific parenting sections for 0-6 months, 7-12 months, 1-3 years, 3-6 years and older to segment the knowledge needs of parents. , products and services . Additionally, the plan optimizes shopping efficiency by recommending more relevant products to different consumer groups.

Members enrolled in the plan can also benefit from special discounts, samples, health services and more to help parents reduce the cost of raising children, and the 30 million members under the plan achieved over 88% active participation with an average revenue per user (ARPU) three times that of non-members.

Benefiting from the plan, brands can dynamically adjust traffic and receive suggestions from for sustainable growth and refined operation. For example, a baby care brand collaborated with JD Accompany Plan for the launch of its new product. As a result, the new customers brought in by the plan accounted for 90% of the brand’s total new customers, with a conversion rate of 25% and a transaction volume of RMB 502,000 yuan on a monthly basis.

Launched in 2016, JD Accompany Plan has accumulated extensive experience in accurate marketing and user operation, with the belief of “growing with consumers and creating value with brands”. The new consumer management approach based on the monthly age of each baby will help JD explore the core market of long-term family consumption.



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