Point Blank Life reveals online store items!


life at close range recently announced the opening of its online store for tactical enthusiasts. And now their initial wares have been fully revealed.

For now, Point Blank Life is limiting its selection of enthusiast tactical gear to utility tools and miscellaneous cases. As for the latter, you can start buying their Belly Holster or Joey Pocket Holster right away.

Both options are ideal for everyday use and are designed to be comfortable, durable and safe to wear.

The belly band holster, in particular, is very popular in the market. It is available for men and women in three sizes and can be used for all occasions.

Unlike other holster options, the belly band won’t cause discomfort no matter what position you put yourself in. This makes it a great option for those who are very active – as it can be worn while exercising (i.e. you can use it while taking a jog). It can also be used under a regular unprinted t-shirt and is relatively easy to use.

The benefits of the Joey Pouch case are very similar. It’s not as versatile as the belly band holster and may not be as useful for very active users, but it’s particularly good for concealment.

If you are interested in any of these products, you can head over to the Point Blank Life website to take a look today. There, you should also be able to find similar products that may pique your interest.

About Life Point Blank

Point Blank Life is a newly launched tactics enthusiast online store with the goal of becoming the premium source of tactical products for your average layman. In other words, the company’s mission is to help its customers prepare for all unexpected emergencies and disasters that may arise in the future.


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