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Helping novices with no experience realize the innovation potential of e-commerce startups and the brand advantage trusted by industry insiders

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – June 28, 2022 – Online Rich (the “Company”), a leading cross-border e-commerce solutions and innovation model company in Hong Kong, is pleased to announce that it has won “The Outstanding International Entrepreneurship System Award for Online Storesin “The Excellence Brand Award 2022” organized by PCCW Media Limited. Its continuously innovative brand strength and prominent business status have won the consent of industry insiders.

Online Rich provides a one-stop, automated, low-cost e-commerce operations management system for entrepreneurs, wholesalers, retailers, freelancers, and full-time moms planning to start their online stores. . The Online Rich platform can help users expand their e-commerce business to cross-border and even international markets and increase their sales realistically. The “one-stop e-commerce business system” created only by the company for “e-commerce newcomers” integrates supplies dropshipping, website design and construction, delivery and distribution, payment management, etc. Users can start their own business at a low cost from scratch here without any hassle, set up their own online stores and operate through remote portals anytime and anywhere. Online Rich is well known as “the best and ideal e-commerce launch platform”.

Mr. Hui, CEO of Online Rich, said, “The company has been deeply involved in cross-border e-commerce innovation opportunities for four years. We have worked hard to innovate and help users grow and strengthen their e-commerce business safely and economically during the past four years. Especially for novices, our “inventory-free e-commerce model” can save entrepreneurs from worrying about financial pressure caused by inventory orders and not having to worry about warehousing issues. Online Rich model has no risk of overstock, even if a newcomer has no business experience or does not understand how online store works at all, they can definitely use our unique platform to grow their e-commerce with much less risk. With the impact of the epidemic on consumption habits, the transition from forms traditional trading to e-commerce platforms has become the inevitable trend of the times. We will fully understand the business requirements of e-commerce users worldwide. world, and help Hong Kong brands penetrate Euro-American markets and firmly anchor themselves in the wave of e-commerce globalization.”

The “Excellence Brand Award” given annually by PCCW Media Limited aims to recognize Hong Kong brands that have consistently and relentlessly explored four areas: star brands, beauty and lifestyle, food and health products, and Korean clothes. In addition to recognizing the outstanding performance of each award-winning brand in its sector, the award also affirms their contribution to the active promotion of the profession even through various advertising channels to accelerate the complementarity of ideas and inspirations on their businesses. The jury for the award includes professionals, scholars and talents from different sectors, including Dr. Stephen KWOK Chun-pong, MH, Honorary Chairman of the Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises Association; and Dr. Doctor HO Candy, Associate Professor of Marketing Department, HKBU School of Business, etc., with top industry credibility and reliable endorsement.

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Established in 2018, Online Rich is an e-commerce system founded by Good Timing Holding Ltd (Asia’s leading e-commerce solutions company). The company has successfully helped more than 536 start-ups establish their online stores internationally, of which more than 389 have successfully established their standalone brands, representing total sales exceeding US$80 million.

Online Rich has launched an all-new, innovative e-commerce operation model to help Hong Kong brands expand globally and create a global cross-border e-commerce ecosystem. Its creative e-commerce business model provides potential start-ups with a low-cost, automated cross-border platform to secure business opportunities without any geographical and time restrictions, further optimizing and improving its global e-commerce business at all levels.

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