Online marketing tips for the last quarter of 2021


Is your product innovative and of high quality, but still not performing well on your website? The number of visitors is in the basement, customer demands are marginal and your sales curve has seen better days? Then it’s time for effective online marketing. But how do you ask yourself? We will show you tips from the start-up world.

Merge the online and offline customer experience

With omnichannel marketing, all customer touch points must be consistently accompanied by a positive experience across all channels. The company analyzes a wide variety of touch points such as email, website, online stores, social media chats, customer service, but also physical store visits. The important thing is to systematically create customer satisfaction online and offline, that is, to put a smile on the face of the store and at the same time to provide customers with newsletters. So try to support your customers digitally and physically in their customer journey in the coming year as well. Remember to focus more on the online world as well. So far, TikTok and Instagram are the most popular apps. So, focus on these apps and merge the offline customer experience with them. Buy TikTok likes and stay consistent by posting high quality products.

Quick chatbots

If there is a problem, as a customer, you want to receive an answer or help immediately. This is why people used to pick up the phone and call customer service during office hours. Today, chatbots make our life easier and are also indispensable for B2B online marketing trends in 2021. A well-functioning chatbot will guide you to the solution of your problem using certain keywords. Maybe there will already be optimizations for artificial intelligence in the new year, so that chatbots take even more work off your customer support and give the customer a positive feeling without waiting for hours in. a customer service queue. Chatbots are clearly recommended as a digital marketing trend.

Keep an eye on the goals

Getting started is always a challenge: start by defining your goals. You keep a close eye on smart goals with the SMART method. Your online marketing goals should be specific, measurable, acceptable, realistic, and timely.

  • Specific: State your goals with precision and clarity.
  • Measurable: your goals must be measurable.
  • Accepted: Only if you and your employees identify with the marketing goals can they be achieved. Your employees must understand and accept the marketing objectives.
  • Realistic: be realistic! If you saw a 1% increase in your sales last year, don’t set a 20% sales target for next year. Marketing doesn’t work miracles.
  • Scheduled: Plan and determine when you want to achieve your goals.

Once you’ve set your goals, take a look at how successful competitors are shaping their online marketing metrics. Learn from them and tailor it to your business. What success means to them also benefits you.

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