Online Marketing Essentials: A Checklist


With so many companies to compete with and so many choices now available to consumers, online marketing has never been harder to master. However, if you can stick to this checklist of essentials, you can reap huge benefits and solidify your brand as an industry leader in no time!

Is your online marketing plan as good as it gets? Read on and see how ready you are to capture attention and convert new business.

Action plan

Whether you’re launching in a few months or about to celebrate your tenth anniversary, your online business should always have a clear goal. An action plan keeps everyone on the same page, pushing towards the same place.

A digital media library

The days of being snowed under a pile of paperwork are long gone. But they have been replaced by data and content scattered across multiple platforms. But by using digital media library software, you can keep all of your brand guidelines, images, videos, and more in one easy and safe place.

An easy to navigate website

Think of your website as a home. It should have a solid foundation and you should be able to move easily from room to room. Your website is no different. People need to quickly find exactly what they’re looking for or they’ll lose interest and head to a competitor instead.

A customer-friendly mobile approach

More and more people are shopping online on mobile devices. And in this fast-paced world of e-commerce, if you’re not able to deliver a fast and functional mobile user experience, you’re already left behind.

A powerful brand identity

Can you sum up what your business is and what it stands for in a sentence or two? If not, it’s time to reassess your brand and figure out what matters most to you as a business. A strong brand identity can do more for your business than any marketing budget.

A strong presence on social networks

Nothing turns off a customer more than a social media feed that hasn’t been updated in months. Why? Because people immediately assume you’re either bankrupt or out of touch. They won’t give you their time or money anyway.

A unique selling point

Nothing separates you from the pack like a unique selling point, whether it’s faster service, a more advanced way to do what you do, or simply having a fresher, more younger.

A section for glowing customer reviews

Sometimes it’s more effective to just let your happy customers speak for themselves. Good reviews can give uncertain consumers more peace of mind and give you the air of authenticity needed to succeed.

Articles and blogs that establish thought leadership

It’s easier to gain trust and develop loyal customer relationships when you offer a solution to a common problem. If people see you as a guide and a strong voice, they are more likely to trust your business faster.


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