Online Marketing, Customer Data and Crypto: Are Hotels Being Left Behind?


Peter O’Connor (Professor of Strategy at the University of South Australia) and Remy Merckx (Advisor – Chief Growth Officer – Profila GmbH) discuss developments in online marketing and their impact on the hospitality industry. Recent privacy measures taken by big tech companies, along with the development of technologies such as cryptography, are revolutionizing the way companies can reach their customers. The big question is whether hotel brands can organize themselves, have the technical means and skills to be able to take advantage of this new opportunity.


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Data Privacy: Paradigm Shifts and Data Management Opportunities

Challenge for hotels to effectively use huge data collections

Bringing the power of data collection back to consumers/guests

Should technology be outsourced by hotel groups/brands?

Hotel groups/brands must rely on digital capabilities in mastering big data

Consumers can/should be rewarded for sharing more useful data

Personalization: bizarre questions asked when booking

Earn and burn loyalty points: points and miles do not match the needs of travelers

Is blockchain technology and crypto the next big thing in hospitality?


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