Online Marketing Boosts In-Store Sales [Report]


For many, online marketing is a tool for driving online sales, improving customer engagement, and building brand value. But what many small business owners may not realize is that online marketing can play a big role in driving in-store sales as well.

French clothing brand Petit Bateau has discovered how online customer interaction drives customers’ in-store purchases by combining in-store data with information from Google Analytics.

In a recent case study shared on the Google Analytics Solutions blog, the Google Analytics team explains:

“Petit Bateau customers in France can shop in 153 physical stores as well as on Users log into the website, allowing the traffic of logged in users to be matched with subsequent in-store transactions made with a loyalty card at a later date.

How Online Marketing Boosts In-Store Sales

Comparing the data, the company found that 44% of in-store shoppers visited the site within seven days of making a purchase. About 9% of in-store shoppers visited the site on the same day they made their purchase in the physical store.

Further analysis of the data revealed that the online-to-offline effect was particularly strong on mobile. To give an example, mobile visitors converted in stores at an 11% higher rate than desktop visitors.

In addition, in-store spending by mobile visitors was 8% higher than that of desktop visitors.

What businesses can learn from Petit Bateau

Using Google Analytics to measure online-to-offline shopping behavior has paid off for Petit Bateau as it has increased understanding of the impact of online marketing on in-store sales and targeting customers. who are looking for products online. The company was able to use the data to re-evaluate AdWords’ return on ad spend, which was six times higher with integrated in-store sales.

A better understanding of its in-store transactions allows the company to optimize its digital marketing programs and make more informed decisions about the allocation of its media budget.

For small businesses, understanding how to make the right marketing budget allocation decisions is an important lesson to learn. It becomes all the more important for them as they don’t have a lot to spend.

What Petit Bateau has also done very well is shifting budgets from offline marketing to online marketing, with a strong focus on driving new customers through generic search terms. The company increased its investment in Google search by 60% year-over-year.

Small businesses can take a page from Petit Bateau’s book and learn how focusing on online marketing drives in-store sales and leads to desired results.

In addition, mobile auctions have increased by 20%, and the share of mobile search budget has reached 43%, above the current share of mobile traffic. At the same time, internal communication now helps store teams understand the role of digital in the customer journey and appreciate the growing importance of promoting navigation, digital shopping, purchasing and comparison.

Petit Bateau is a French fashion house renowned for creating stylish, high quality clothing and underwear. Founded in 1893, the company operates an online store and an international network of 400 stores.

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