Manipur Heritage Expo 2022: Online Store


The Chief Minister of Manipur – N. Biren Singh today inaugurated the State Heritage Expo 2022 – reflecting the value and uniqueness of handicrafts and handicrafts in the state.

Organized by the Directorate of Looms and Textiles, Government of Manipur; this exhibition aims to bring together and revive the rich cultural heritage of Manipur.

During the inaugural ceremony, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between Amazon Karigar and Manipur Handlooms & Handicrafts Development Corporation Limited (MHHDCL). The ‘Amazon Karigar’ project is a remarkable effort to portray the rich heritage of Indian craftsmanship, which originates from all over the country.

Furthermore, the e-commerce giant – Amazon and the government of Manipur have collectively launched the “Panthoibi Emporium” – an online platform for displaying and selling the state loom and handicrafts ; which is expected to benefit nearly 300,000 artisans, weavers and tribal communities.

This platform includes handwoven garments, handcrafted hats and bags, earthenware products as well as Kauna handicrafts – a unique handicraft in Manipur that uses Kauna wood or water reed to create products like baskets, wallets and bags.

Manipuri Rani Phee, a handwoven silk shawl, is also available on the website. Additionally, food items originating from Manipur such as black rice, forest fodder teas, GI chilli, lemon and oranges will also be available for purchase.

According to Sumit Sahay, Director of Selling Partner Services at Amazon India, the program aims to digitize 10 million small businesses by 2025.

The products will be listed on the Amazon platform, which will greatly expand the market for Manipur-based weavers and entrepreneurs.

Singh mentioned that “Manipur is extremely fortunate to have an Amazon platform, and their interest in our handcrafted and handmade products not only demonstrates their distinctiveness, but also their high quality.”

Meanwhile, the Manipur CM highlighted the importance of the Geographical Indications (GI) label for traditional outfits and handicrafts.

He also appreciated the Ministry officials for their commitment and dedication. At the same time, there should be no compromise on quality, the chief minister said, further explaining the need for zero tolerance against corruption.

“Thanks to the dedication of our weavers and artists, the state loom and craft now have a position on the world stage,” Singh said. It has also distributed 2475 looms to citizens residing in 16 districts of Manipur.

“Around 250 handicrafts and handicrafts items were uploaded to the e-marketing platform,” Singh said.

The Chief Minister further underscored the need to preserve and promote traditional handicrafts and objects. He praised the people of the state for their skills and talents, and was proud to be a Manipuri and an Indian.

Taking to Twitter, the Manipur CM wrote, “Today attended Manipur Heritage Expo-2022 at Imphal where a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Amazon Karigar and Manipur Handlooms & Handicrafts Development Corporation Limited (MHHDCL). Also, distributed 2475 looms to the people of the 16 districts of Manipur.

The products will be listed on the Amazon platform. This will help our weavers and contractors immensely. The event was also attended by the Honorable Minister Smt @KipgenNemchaHon. Hon. Shri S. Rajen Singh, Hon. Hon. Shri L. Rameshwor Meetei and other esteemed dignitaries.” – he added.


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