“Made in Baltimore” helps grow community through online store


BALTIMORE – You may have been to one of their pop-up stores, and now you can check them out online!

Made in Baltimore has operated pop-up stores since 2015, showcasing a variety of products such as clothing, jewelry, artwork, and bath products from local brands in the city.

Made in Baltimore

The store is created by more than three dozen manufacturers and is divided into different categories. It includes Black, Women, and LGBTQ+ owned brands and manufacturers.

Andy Cook, executive director of Made in Baltimore, says that every year they have grown in popularity and the number one question they get from consumers is “where can we buy the product when the pop-up isn’t happening. ?”

Although the goal is to have a permanent home for the store, in the meantime they have decided to bring the whole project online so that they can have a store open 24/7.

Made in Baltimore

Made in Baltimore

“The city of Baltimore is approximately 60% African American and we want to make sure that our network, the main network in Baltimore, reflects the demographics of our city,” Cook explained. “So we try to be very intentional both in terms of recruitment, but also inclusion in the program for all of our members to ensure that everyone who comes to our programs reflects that demographic.”

Cook explained that while minority-owned businesses make up the majority of small businesses in the city of Baltimore, they only attract a very small percentage of the overall wealth generated each year in the city.

Made in Baltimore tries to level the playing field.

“Our hope is that by highlighting these women and minority-owned businesses, we help point customers in their direction, help them grow, basically help them get a bigger slice of this pie,” he said. he declared.

There is such a range of unique products that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

made in baltimore

Made in Baltimore

“When you buy local, you’re investing in your community, you’re investing in the jobs in your neighborhoods, you’re investing in real estate, in a sense for all those businesses that are taking up formerly vacant warehouses, or formerly vacant storefronts,” a said Cook. “It’s really a way to help build wealth in our community, keep our spending local, and make Baltimore a better place.”

Products from their store can be shipped nationwide, but if that’s not your thing, you can also select in-store pickup and get your product in Mount Washington.

If you want to view the website or submit your business, click here.


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