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Promising plans from NFT Marketplace, Metaverse, Digital Assets Marketplace, Music and more

Genre Crypto (WBNB: KND)

Raise the greater good “

– Pankaj Sharma

LUDHIANA, PUNJAB, INDIA, Nov 9, 2021 / – The KND token was launched with an e-commerce store, making it a utility token from day one. Over time, KND will be much more than a utility token. Kind crypto wants to promote kindness in society. And in doing so, KND tokens will be used in most of the activities that people do in their daily life.

For example, buying products, listening to music, connecting with people, interacting with NTFs, playing video games and finally interacting in the nicest, most enjoyable metaverse ever.

Kind crypto has introduced three phases in its roadmap on its official website.

First phase

In the first phase, Kind crypto is integrated with the online store. Where people can buy products with KND tokens. On, anyone can buy products such as men’s and women’s clothing, accessories, stationery, home decor items, daily planner templates, and more.

This is the first phase of Kind Crypto. The final objective of the first phase is to reach 30,000 token holders.

[b]Phase two[/b]

Phase two will begin with the establishment of its office by the company and the establishment of an internal team of developers, marketers, graphic designers and designers. They will build the NFT marketplace and develop the Overallsite digital asset store.
The end goal of phase two is to achieve $ 1 million in product sales.

Phase three

This phase will begin the final planning of Metaverse after recruiting the required team. And finally, the nicest and most enjoyable metaverse in the world will be created. The KND will be the main currency of this metaverse.

More phases and projects

The founder says Kind crypto has a lot more to offer than these phases. As more phases and secret projects are revealed over time, they will all be powered by KND tokens.

Pankaj Sharma, Founder of Kind Crypto adds, “Blockchain has the potential to transform the way we live and help society. The idea behind Kind Crypto is to use blockchain for greater transparency in products, services and accountability ”.

Sharma’s vision is to promote KND as a globally acceptable token for almost everything we do. From shopping for products to listening to music, playing video games, owning NFT, and having amazing experiences in Metaverse. The KND token will be a common thing among these activities.

The first version of the website and white paper has been released and other features are under development. The project is gaining followers in its Telegram group at a decent rate since the token launched on PancakeSwap. The token has previously been listed on Coin Mooner, Coin Sniper, Coin Vote, Fresh Coins, and Coins Gods.

Kind goes with the slogan “raise the greater good”. The meaning of this is much deeper than it seems. In the words of Kind Crypto founder Sharma. “Kind aims to uplift the good side of every human being, regardless of their social or financial status. First of all, we are all human. The richest person in the world also deserves as much kindness as a janitor. We aim to give the message of being kind to everyone. Along with this, providing world class products and services.

KND was launched on PancakeSwap with $ 20 trillion in cash. Liquidity is now blocked until October 3, 2030.

Join the kindness movement and be a part of the unstoppable force of kindness.


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