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Ting grapefruit sparkling soft drink unveiled a collaborative marketing campaign.

“The brand has a loyal following, but the UK soft drink market is valued at £ 13.64 billion in 2020 (Statista.com) and the blender market is growing in value by 29.6% to 307, £ 1million in 2020 [Kantar 52 w/e 27 December 2020], there is an opportunity to recruit new drinkers for Ting, which is excellent served straight or in a blender, ”says the brand.

Ting is teaming up with mixologist influencers for the campaign which focuses primarily on social media. A significant portion of the business will be brand collaborations to inspire consumers on the perfect food pairings.

Terri Cooper, Senior Business Manager at Ting, said, “Ting is unique in that it is valued as much as a spirits mixer as it is on its own as a soft drink. The blender market grew by almost a third last year, with the British making more drinks at home. There is therefore a real opportunity for retailers to increase their sales. We are dedicated to helping retailers maximize their sales, which is why we have invested in a collaborative marketing campaign that will market Ting to new consumers and highlight its unmatched versatility as a blender. It’s not only great for cocktails, but it also pairs well with spirits and can be enjoyed at parties, intimate gatherings, and even when you want something of a little alternative when you’re home alone. .


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