Is it legal? West Michigan’s new online store sells human bones


A West Michigan woman has a very interesting online business that might have you doing a double take and asking “Is it legal?”

West Michigan’s Maggie Fowler is the owner of Etsy shop BonedAppetite and while the name might sound like something tasty to eat at first glance, what she sells might make some people’s stomachs turn.

West Michigan Store selling human bones and other strange things

Maggie has a collection of oddities and weird things she’s collected over the past year. She now sells them on her Etsy shop. Some of the things you can buy include.

  • Autopsy kit
  • beaver skull
  • mummified sheep heart
  • embalming fluid
  • human rib bones
  • human skull

Why did Maggie start collecting death-related items?

Maggie shared this photo and this message on Facebook explaining why.

Credit: Maggie Fowler via Facebook

Credit: Maggie Fowler via Facebook

When I lost Cj, I was numb. I could not believe it. I was like “he’s just late to call me, but he’s still here”, I couldn’t get the concept of his death. Then a little later a fascination took hold of me. I wanted to see corpses. So I bought a tasteful book about people in their coffins, on their deathbeds, and on mourners and finally got the breakthrough I was looking for. I cried and cried. Finally alone with this book, I felt this connection in my brain settle. He was really gone and he wasn’t going to come home for Christmas or call me to tell me what was going on.

At first I worried about what people would think. Corpses? And then other things started to fascinate me. Skulls, mortuary and medical material, autopsy saws, Ed wet specimen, bones of all kinds, the weird and the weird and the wonderful. So I started collecting stuff until I almost got into debt lol. I guess the natural progression is that if you want more, you have to get rid of certain things. So began BonedAppetite. It takes me a long time but I find it cathartic. I need this.

You will notice in my posts and announcements that there are a lot of spelling mistakes and typos. I’m old, 42, and I hate technology. If Cj was there, he would do the technical stuff for me. My daughter Al if we were close would do the proofreading. But thanks to my daughter Nadia who gives me ideas on how to sell my socks from the stays in the insane asylum. Yes I have been there several times. I’m bipolar and so is CJ. Many drug addicts are. But I thought it was over because my meds were working until that fateful day when fentanyl changed our lives forever.

Anyone who tells you that there is no place for quirks is wrong because without them I would never have made it. They helped me connect to my son. And it is very significant.

You can buy and sell human bones in Michigan

According to WZZM 13 No federal law prohibits the sale of human remains. Three states have restrictions, but Michigan is not one of them.

You can discover her Etsy shop by clicking here.

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