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Independent Scottish salmon farm Loch Duart has launched an online store, allowing shoppers across the UK to buy the produce it usually sells to high-end restaurants and retailers for the first time.

The online store will sell eight or 12 servings of fresh salmon fillets from Loch Duart farms for delivery to consumers. The website includes a Shopify and Apple Pay function, with subscribers being able to be notified of products via email and SMS.

Loch Duart salmon are farmed in the North West of Scotland and are slow growing with room to swim. They are fed a diet rich in marine elements which leads to “exceptional tasting fresh fish, rich in omega-3s”, according to the brand.

“Bringing Loch Duart into people’s homes is something we’ve been planning for some time, so it’s fantastic to finally launch our new online store and bring the salmon we love direct to customers,” said Chris Orr , Director of Loch Duart Salmon Sales.

“Traditionally, Loch Duart salmon was reserved for the best restaurants in the world, but in recent years we have seen a growth not only in the desire to cook at home, but also in a demand for restaurant quality products with which to work.

“I urge all discerning foodies and home cooks to savor the unique flavor of Loch Duart and learn more about why we are so proud of the way we farm our fish,” he added.


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