Hoboken Brooke + Bel store changes strategy amid pandemic, launches online store


Sometimes the crazy feeling of being stuck at home can only be resolved with one thing: retail therapy. Luckily, Hoboken has a new store ready to meet all of these needs – come in, Brooke + Bel. This fun but elevated womenswear boutique, located at 60 4th Street {just around the corner of 4th and Washington}, is currently open for online shopping, and the storefront, when it officially reopens, features perfect fashion pieces. for everything from the night of the date to this last minute work function. There are also some highly coveted fashion accessories, home decor, and gifts for sale, so you can have whatever you want delivered right to your door. We had the chance to chat with the owners and find out what this new Hoboken store has to offer.

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About the owners

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{Photo credit: @brookeandbelhoboken}

Owners Brooke Stowers and Samantha Belfer are thrilled to have a store right next to Washington. Sam {a Hoboken girl herself} and Brooke both grew up working in their local boutiques before studying fashion merchandising.

The duo met as buyers in Women’s Contemporary at Saks Fifth Avenue, where they became close friends. After five years at Saks, the two made the decision to start their own business. “Brooke and I work so well as a team,” Sam explained. “We knew we had to create something together.”

Sam and Brooke are committed to bringing their buying knowledge and expertise to an underserved market. Sam, who has lived in Hoboken for a few years, realized that there was a big void. “There are a ton of spin studios, blowout bars and cafes, but so few multi-brand shops to serve this market.”

So who is the typical Brooke + Bel buyer? “Well, that’s a Hoboken woman in her mid-twenties to early fifties. She is a new mom with a family. She’s going out on a first date and wants to feel confident. She takes her children to school. She’s having brunch with her friends, ”the duos shared. Their mission is to meet the wide range of women in Hoboken.

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Brooke + Bel offers brands like LoveShackFancy, Cotton Citizen, WeWoreWhat, Nicholas, Levi’s, LTHJKT, Electric Picks Jewelry {a local Hoboken designer} and more – the perfect mix for a girl who wants to raise her every day. It’s Brooke and Sam’s hope to be able to help customers step into “their closet” to find an outfit to suit any mood.

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Not only does the store sell beautiful clothes but also accessories. From gifts, candles to table books {oh bonjour les livres Assouline!}, To jewelry, the store has it all, making it a one-stop-shop for everything you need to look and feel your best. The store also has special pieces, like that trendy dress you peeked at, as well as everyday pieces, from t-shirts to leather or denim jackets, to put together for a classic look.

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When the store physically reopens, there’s a lot to look forward to inside as well. Store decor is sleek with girly blushes and pops of teal with accents of gold, marble, and brass. “We wanted to create an atmosphere where our guests can feel classy, ​​look cute and have an inviting environment to shop,” the girls boasted. And that’s exactly what it feels like. The store is huge, allowing Sam + Brooke to use their space for many different purposes. Their future plan is to collaborate with local bookstores, yoga studios and other places in town to activate their space as a member of the community.

Sam and Brooke partner with local businesses, especially those run by other women. “We are fortunate to work with many women during this process who have been incredibly supportive of us,” Brooke explained. “With the support we have received from others, we want to give it to the next and be that platform for other women as well.”

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And fun fact about the storefront – the space at the corner of 4th and Washington St was once stables and has now been repurposed into commercial space. When you can visit again, if you look closely you can see the hinges of the old barn doors, which really caught Sam and Brooke’s attention from the start. Brooke and Sam love Hoboken and are excited to form a personal relationship with their community. “We want everyone to feel connected to the store and give that personal touch. That’s why we chose a city like Hoboken, ”Sam told us.

Brooke + Bel is currently open online for these in-home shopping needs, so check out what the store has to offer. here.

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Written by: Danielle Lynch

A Hoboken homeowner and lover of all things local, Danielle made Mile Square City her home almost six years ago. Danielle is a second grade teacher by day; after hours, she can be found in the kitchen cooking a new recipe or having a bite to eat with her husband and friends. Danielle is the fitter and buyer of all things beauty and loves to find a good deal. Shopping in Washington, decorating the interior and getting on her Platoon are just some of Danielle’s favorite things. Oh, and did we mention his undying love for the New York Yankees?


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