Hello Drinks relaunches as a cloud-based online store


Alcohol Hello Drinks Online has officially relaunched in Australia as a cloud-based online alcohol retail store.

The independent start-up company was originally launched in a Sydney storage unit around five years ago with just 12 products, growing to more than 200 products at the height of the pandemic in Australia. With this relaunch as a cloud-based supermarket, more than 4,000 products will be available through Hello Drinks.

This model aims to provide a simpler online alcohol retail experience. By not using multiple suppliers, the company avoids sending multiple packages for single orders, which aims to satisfy both customer and supplier due to the lower cost and lower carbon footprint. With 95% of the product line under one cloud, Hello Drinks said this lean model eliminates around 250 trucks delivering to a warehouse, eliminating the need for a forklift to move more than 1,000 pallets.

Speaking about the relaunched version and the abandonment of the warehouse, Hello Drinks founders JP and Steph Tucker said the first responses have been good since the site’s recent live test in October.

“It’s great for our customers because it offers more choices, new categories, brand extensions,” JP said.

“We’ve come a long way from our beginnings at Kennards Storage until we are today. Our vision has always been to become a cloud-based business, but we felt that the industry was not ready for it at first. However, during COVID, the landscape changed to open up the opportunity. “

Steph added: “We made the decision during COVID to go there so that we came out of the lockdown stronger than we peaked, and launch the same weekend that the on-site reopening would not have. could be better timed. The team worked hard to put us in that position. We’re already seeing an increase in cart sizes, more spreading of purchases, and we still haven’t spent $ 1 on advertising, so I’m excited about the plans we have underway to scale the business forward.

JP said Hello Drinks’ goal has always been to innovate and do things differently, in order to reduce costs and become more competitive. He noted that moving to a cloud-based model has seen the company cut costs by as much as six figures.

The relaunched website is also now equipped with AI software, which allows the company to better understand what customers want and improve their experiences on subsequent visits. According to JP, all the elements of the new site combined are already having a positive impact on the company.

He said: “With a solid plan in place, we were aiming to come out of COVID stronger than we peaked, and we are already seeing the benefits of the changes.”


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