Has your online store overtaken Shopify?


The world of e-commerce has experienced unprecedented acceleration, and customer expectations are higher than ever. As a growing retailer, it’s time to capitalize on this opportunity and grow your business by reaching new and younger audiences. Be at the forefront of technology and customer experience, especially with dramatic changes coming with Internet 3.0— is vital to your relevance and success in the e-commerce industry.

Thus, your online store grows and you have highly motivated buyers. And after? It’s time to take it to the next level or face stagnation. As you grow, you’ll likely find that an e-commerce platform like Shopify is more suited to retailers who are just getting started. Meeting the demands of your buyers and increasing your market share requires answering an important question: Has your online store overtaken Shopify?

While every e-commerce platform has its limits, Shopify’s lack of customizable features just doesn’t work once you get past a certain size. As your business scales, you’ll succeed on a more flexible platform. Read on to find out how to sell more, grow faster, and control your destiny.

Do you control your entire customer journey?

The checkout is a vital link between you and your customer. And frankly, Shopify puts itself in the middle of that relationship. Buyers who come to your checkout are highly qualified and engaged visitors who have decided to make a purchase. So why are there so many abandoning their carts at the register ? Shopify’s significant limitations and unbranded checkout experience are killing your conversions.

Additionally, Shopify forces its alternative payment method (APM) as a payment option. In today’s e-commerce industry, this is not good practice. It limits innovation and stimulates exploitation. You need a solution that understands that every friction point is a point of failure and lets you customize and simplify checkout. Checkout solutions like Lock are faster and smoother than the industry average and achieve 50% higher conversions.

Checkout is an essential part of your customer’s journey through your online store, and Shopify’s limits prevent you from maintaining control over your entire customer journey. You might be better off taking a different approach, putting your brand first to ensure a seamless experience that you control.

Do you have full control over the management of your store?

E-commerce is booming and merchants are taking advantage of this opportunity to grow their online businesses. Critical considerations in everything growth strategy think out-of-the-box and build competitive advantage. Achieving growth in e-commerce means working with partners who have the tools to showcase your competitive advantage with creative solutions while helping you stay true to your brand. So, do Shopify’s tools add value or limit your control?

Shopify traps your growth in a single closed ecosystem. Grow your business the way you want, without limits. You need a partner that offers a range of instantly accessible payment integrations and customizations, so you don’t have to wait for conversions to skyrocket.

Moreover, one of the most critical tools successful e-commerce growth requires a customer-centric mindset. Digital innovators know that customer satisfaction is a primary business goal. Unfortunately, Shopify offers unique payment implementations that cause friction points for customers. Instead, consider partnering with solutions like Bolt and BigCommerce that gives you the flexibility to choose the best payment implementation for your business and buyers and bases their success on your success.

Are there limits to the way you manage your customers?

You can’t live without it when it comes to scaling your business. In-depth consumer insights guide your decision-making. Shopify offers a fairly basic dashboard that only contains top-notch stats. Unfortunately, basic sales data will not suffice these days.

Do you have questions like:

  • Where do my buyers deposit in the checkout process?
  • What is a customer’s average order value (AOV)?
  • How do most of my customers pay at checkout?

Data can often answer these questions, but Shopify retailers can struggle to uncover valuable insights when dedicated reports live in expensive plans. If you want to be competitive, you need deep visual insights into your buyer behaviors, even if you’re on Shopify’s lowest tier plans.

The bottom line

Don’t limit your growth, find a partner who can grow with you. Shopify’s lack of functionality just isn’t going to cut it if you’re looking to scale. Solutions like Bolt empower merchants to sell more, grow faster, and control their destiny with simple one-click payment and a network of tens of millions of buyers.

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