Goodwill is launching an online store – should you use it?


Thrifters can now shop for second-hand clothes from the comfort of their own home. Goodwill launched an online store on Tuesday, offering more than 100,000 donated items for purchase, according to The Associated Press.

What is available on Goodwill’s online site?

Goodwill’s new online site, GoodwillFinds, offers shopping for apparel, accessories, footwear, accessories, electronics, home, books, music, toys, crafts, travel goods, instruments and movies.

Why did Goodwill launch an online store?

The non-profit association has existed for 120 years and the site will be able to expand Goodwill’s mission. Goodwill Industries’ mission is to strengthen communities, remove barriers to opportunity, and help communities reach their potential through work and learning.

According to the GoodwillFinds press release, proceeds from purchases will go back to the region from where the item was donated to help service programs in the community.

The new site project is led by former Modcloth CEO Matthew Kaness, per USA Today.

“Our new social enterprise makes it easier for the conscious consumer to shop online in a sustainable way while enhancing the savings experience they love at Goodwill,” Kaness said. “Good for the consumer, good for local communities, good for society and the planet.”

However, not everyone is optimistic about the association’s new online site.

How are people reacting to the new Goodwill online site?

Goodwill’s site is being criticized online for its surprisingly high prices. In-store, Goodwill’s prices range from $0.99 to $9.99 but online, prices don’t reflect the same range.

Screenshot of women’s clothing on GoodwillFinds.

The site is a collection of brands that have higher prices than those found in a Goodwill store. GoodwillFinds is receiving criticism from shoppers on Twitter for using their donations to raise more money online than in-store.


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