‘Good things for sale’ – Online store sells photos of children as masturbation aids for RM6,000


Online shopping platforms and websites are places where you can buy anything from anywhere because your imagination is your only limit.

But did you know that you can stumble upon child molestation material just by scrolling to find something to buy?

Nurul (@softcrocodile) recently took to his Twitter account to present a online shopping page that sold photos of children as masturbation material.

“What? Is this real?” she wrote.

The images of the children were sold for RM6,942.00 and was advertised as “good stuff for sale”.

In the product images preview, photos of several children of different ages you could see it and the product description is really disturbing.

Pictures 2

masturbation equipment for sale. Limited vintage items. Used. Possibility of private message (PM) to negotiate the price. I love Mrs. PuiYi,” was written.

The pictures were also categorized as ‘Personal Pleasure’ under ‘Health & Beauty’and had a shelf life of “until death”.

The page has since been deleted and someone shared what you as an internet user can do when you come across such sellers.

“With thousands of new ads per day, I think a few types of ads can go public. The platform also doesn’t have enough staff members to moderate things like this. The best thing all people can do is block and report the seller ASAP,” the user advised.

Pictures 3

We sincerely hope that the authorities will take note of this and take appropriate action against the perpetrators.

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