GE15: This real-life online store mocks the political elite – Summons Rakyat to come out and vote


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Our rakyat just gets creative and creative.

If you like GE15 themed satire, you should check out this website. It’s not just any website. This is THE site of the month.

(Credit: vote or die)

At first glance, this website looks like a normal online fashion website with products and images. But wait to see the prices. You may think this site is not for you.

(Credit: vote or die)

But take a closer look at the products and read the descriptions when you click on them. You will surely be addicted to each one.

This is actually not an online shopping site. This is a website to persuade the public to choose their leaders carefully and to vote on November 19.

“About us” page.
(Credit: vote or die)

The resemblance is uncanny

The user interface mimics an online store where they display some of the luxury items owned by Malaysian politicians and their real value.

It’s actually just to focus on some of the wealth of politicians vis-a-vis the public and compare it to our struggling salaries.

Take a look at some of the descriptions here.

(Credit: vote or die)
(Credit: vote or die)
(Credit: vote or die)

Not just for laughs

However, it is not just for showing off the luxury goods, this website also serves as a site to educate the public about their voting rights. What happens if you don’t vote or who should you vote if you want to?

They have carefully linked every button and banner on the website for information you need to know about this upcoming general election.

They have gathered information from multiple sources such as BFM, WikiImpact, and MalaysiaKini and compiled it into a single website for the convenience of the public.

People who don’t know what’s going on in our political scene could use this website and study them before election day. You just need to filter the sarcastic description of the buttons to really understand what they mean. Or just click on anything. You will find yourself exploring all things Malaysian politics and our general elections.

Here are some sample pages they created for this website.

(Credit: vote or die)
Category ‘Women’ in the online store.
(Credit: vote or die)
Category ‘Men’ in the online store.
(Credit: vote or die)

If you want to know more, consult the online sales site here.

Although we should warn you, some of these items may slightly exceed some of our combined budgets. 😮‍💨

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