Englander develops online marketing portal for retailers


Englander has developed an online marketing portal for retailers.

CHICAGO – Mattress maker Englander has launched an online portal to help retailers with a one-stop resource for product information and print-ready marketing materials for in-store promotions.

Designed to support the company’s recently unveiled domestic product line, Englander Asset Manager is password protected. Asset Manager is an online destination for dealers to access and download a selection of brochures and other marketing materials.

“While we cleaned up our old product to ensure the continuity of our mattress portfolio across the United States, we wanted to support our retail partners with excellent marketing materials,” said Mark Kinsley, president of Englander . “We had all of these tools and resources, but they were sealed in a toolbox. We wanted a sleek, more modern way to provide retailers with the assets they need.

The microsite is designed to filter assets by product, material type and more to allow users to fill a basket with the materials that best meet their needs.

“We’ve really gone from a toolbox to a pegboard that allows retailers to see everything we have available,” Kinsley said.

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