EGVintage online store goes IRL with a new store in Cairo


Fast fashion comes with an assortment of major issues, such as erasing identity, major environmental impact, crimes against the working class – frankly, it’s time to slow down. Reuse and recycle our clothes in the spirit of sustainability. So when EGVintage – an online platform powered by diligent antique snoopers – opened its first walk-in store in Tagamoa El-Awal, it gave us the opportunity to get out of the fashion lane. fast.

Founded almost a year ago by an 18-year-old who simply wanted to share how he dressed, the boutique has now become a local staple for vintage lovers of all aesthetics and hearts. “I just wanted to share my sense of style and fashion; every piece I get is something I would wear,” founder Nour told CairoScene, “Most people where I come from used to make fun of my style, but when I noticed that some people really wanted to dress like me, that’s when I started.

From there, Nour began curating plays from across the country that captured the cross-cultural essence of the 1990s and 2000s. Spending the early hours of his day meticulously scanning second-hand havens to find only the the most distinctive ones, Nour then brings the hottest pieces back to the showroom, where they are photographed and exhibited. “I saw that there was a void in the market. People wanted to try before they bought, because most people are afraid of the condition vintage clothes are in,” says Nour. “That way, customers are just more at ease, which makes the two months of showroom preparation worth it.”

With dreams of becoming a vintage giant in Egypt, EGVintage is doing its part to spread vintage culture and promote sustainability beyond a green label.


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