Cloud logistics helps boost online store


The LOCAD CLOUD logistics platform helped Humble founders Josef Werker and Niña Mirabueno Opida meet their warehousing and shipping needs from Thrift, Humble’s online store.

“Besides the efficiency, speed and reliability of LOCAD, we are grateful that they essentially bring our items back into circularity. The items we collect from businesses help us collect items and bring them to end users” , said Werker.

Rooted in a shared passion for thrift and second-hand shopping, Humble’s advocacy is to collect and sort items from ‘savers’ – people who throw things away and send them to Humble – that are no longer in use. , and then restore them in several ways.

Social enterprise elevates the concept of giving something back to everyone it collects from – whether it’s large-scale businesses disposing of their appliances or communities retiring their old furniture.

Werker describes their different restoration processes: “We could resell things, turn them into something original and artistic, recycle them or break them down into usable raw materials.”

With the help of LOCAD’s immediate dashboard and fulfillment options, Humble can bring used items back into circularity and empower people who want to live sustainably.

“Anything we decide to sell on Thrift goes to LOCAD. When someone orders, we don’t have to worry about the product. It gets delivered and we see an updated report in real time,” said Werk.

LOCAD’s localized execution helps Humble champion sustainability by reducing the carbon footprint often associated with e-commerce shipping. In the near future, the co-founders of Humble plan to use the technology to measure quantifiable impacts such as reduced carbon footprint due to upcycling or upcycling second-hand items.

Opida stresses that LOCAD will continue to be a “valuable part” of their operations, ensuring rogues are happy with their experience when used items are brought back to market.


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