Builders’ Merchants News – The Fortis Infinita Bathrooms range has a dedicated online store


Fortis has launched a dedicated digital solution, developed by MRA Marketing, allowing members to sell the group’s Infinita range through their own websites.

The Infinita Online Showroom allows Fortis’ exclusive Infinita bathroom range, which was originally sold only through physical and branch catalogs, to be sold online through the websites of its 42 merchant members.

Seeing an opportunity to provide a digital solution that worked in a complex shopping environment and having seen some of their digital solutions, Fortis and MRA Marketing created a closed-loop website that easily integrated or connected to the websites of members, allowing them to transact independently of their existing e-commerce functionality.

The Infinita online showroom store is hosted on a centralized domain and visitors to a member’s site are presented with a merchant-specific Infinita platform. Purchases are made through the member site or integrated with the merchant’s own e-commerce infrastructure, so purchases are made directly through the merchant. Each member also has their own administrative access, allowing them to manage their stock level.

Mike Rigby, CEO of MRA Marketing, said: “The Fortis Infinita Showroom online store has been developed from MRA’s exclusive Plug-In store. The plugin is a unique multi-tiered digital solution designed to help anyone working in the home improvement business sell more effectively by driving sales through the homeowner, installer and trader interface.

“For us, it’s kind of like the holy grail of home improvement, where we’ve always looked for ways to help suppliers control the volume of their sales from end customer to retailer and brand. -same.

“Most brands offer marketing and sales support to help their direct customer, the reseller, sell. But pulling the customer’s sales from the customers, the installer, is more difficult, and engaging directly with the installer’s customers to move the sales from the owner through the installers to the retailer, and therefore to the brand itself has always been the biggest challenge.

“Most brands have little or no control over this, and only the biggest brands have the budgets and expertise to do this. That’s why we call it the holy grail of marketing, and that’s why we’re so happy to have created a cost-effective solution, with a smooth and easy activation experience, regardless of a company’s e-commerce knowledge or experience.


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