Brew Pipeline Launches DTC Online Store, Led by Gordon Ramsey, Motörhead Drinks Brands


Brew Pipeline continues to evolve. The It Guest Brewer program in 2019 brought exclusive craft brewery beers to untapped markets for a limited time. In 2020, Brew Pipeline focused on growing its Collab program, connecting high-profile breweries with celebrities, musicians and nonprofits to develop new brands for turnkey distribution. .

This week, the innovative platform for direct access between craft brewers and distributors launched its new direct-to-consumer online retail store.

This platform will offer customers in 29 states the ability to shop its leading brands with the click of a button, making them more accessible than ever. This includes Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Seltzer Variety, Motörhead Ace of Spades Bourbon, Motörhead Road Crew Pale Ale, Crooked Furrow Bourbon, and Minions Vȧn Skap Aquavit.

“Based on the countless inquiries we receive for these brands every day, demand remains beyond the reach of our current distribution footprint,” said Scott Ebert, president of Brew Pipeline. “While we are working diligently to expand our footprint in the market, it gives us an additional way to reach our fans, making it even easier for them to shop. We are extremely excited to launch the Brew Pipeline store and meet customer demand.”

In addition to purchasing Brew Pipeline’s core brands, additional packs that combine several exclusive beverages and merchandise are now available for purchase.

New brands will continue to be added to the store in the coming months, including Brew Pipeline’s Rum Point, island-inspired ready-to-drink canned cocktails.

All beverage brands in the Brew Pipeline store have been in limited supply and availability until now. Brew Pipeline aims to make it easier for fans to get their hands on these unique collaborations, now delivered straight to their doorsteps.


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