Australian online store Beserk celebrates ‘The Craft’, the 90s gothic film, with a new range of clothing


“The Craft” is an iconic film that has inspired goths and other alternative-minded subcultures for more than two decades. Online store Beserk is teaming up with “The Craft” for a new line of apparel that celebrates the look of the film.

“The Craft” is a 90s cult movie in all the best ways. Well-acted, stylish, and fun, with a killer, addictive soundtrack, it was quickly embraced by tasteful goths and moviegoers everywhere. Over the years, this popularity has grown steadily. In Exciting News, Leading Alternative Online Clothing Store Berserk recently announced the launch of its new fully licensed product “The job» range produced in support of the film. A revealing lookbook can be seen on the official Beserk website now. All designs are based on or inspired by the original film. The release of the range, however, couldn’t be more timely, with a sequel to the iconic classic, ‘The Craft: Legacy’ having recently been released to quite favorable reviews. A third film is in preparation.

“Who’s a goth or alt girl or guy who hasn’t heard ‘We’re the weirdos sir,’ and smiled.” commented a Beserk spokesperson. “It’s been a dream come true for us to be able to collaborate with the team behind The Craft and the results have been truly breathtaking.”

“The Craft” starred Fairuza Balk, Robin Tunney, Neve Campbell and Rachel True. Each showcased a remarkable style that speaks to director Andrew Fleming’s groundbreaking vision.

T-shirts, leggings, socks and more, all inspired by the movie, are all available now.

Reviews of the new range have been completely positive.

Susan L. from Melbourne recently said in a five-star review: “Love my new The Craft t-shirt. It’s amazing to be able to celebrate a movie that taught me to dress sexy and cool as a teenager. Thank you Berserk!”

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