Apple’s online store is back online after pre-M2 MacBook Air pre-order downtime


Apple M2 MacBook Air lovers can now be Apple M2 MacBook Air owners.

Apple’s online store recently went back online after a two-hour hiatus to prepare the site for the pre-order rush of the M2-equipped MacBook Air.

The M2 MacBook Air pre-order period was scheduled for July 8 at 5:00 a.m. PT. Meanwhile, the device is available for same-day purchase a week later on July 15.

Apple M2 MacBook AirSpecifications

The M2 MacBook Air is said to be the better MacBook Air than its M1-equipped predecessor, with the former having a 13.6-inch Liquid Retina Display (LRD) screen that’s been enlarged closer to the sides and around the camera to make room for the menu bar.

The M2 MacBook Air display can best be described as a redesigned version of the MacBook Air due to the expansions and changes made to it, per MacRumors.

Thanks to the laptop’s LRD, its screen tested sharper, deeper blacks, brighter whites, and 25 percent more colors than sRGB.

It also features True Tone technology that adjusts your view to match your surroundings.

The Apple laptop also comes with Apple’s latest M2 chip, which is said to be “the next generation of Apple silicon”. According to Apple’s website, the M2 is 1.4 times faster than the M1 and six times faster than the Intel chips they used before.

Additionally, it allows the laptop to have 20 hours of battery life, giving users longer opportunities to work and/or play.

With the M2 chipset installed, an M2 MacBook Air user can experience better performance from content creation software, such as video editing software, photo editing software, and video rendering software.

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The laptop is also great for gaming, thanks to the M2.

Fortunately, there are now over 10,000 apps and plug-ins already optimized for the M2. This means that users are unlikely to encounter any compatibility issue with the M2 at launch.

Additionally, users can also choose to configure their machines with up to 24GB of RAM thanks to the M2 chip, per 9to5Mac.

Additionally, Apple promises that the MacBook Air M2 can produce cooler temperatures thanks to its active cooling feature enabled by the company’s advanced thermal system.

The laptop also has faster memory, with the M2 Macbook Air having a memory bandwidth of 100Gbps – 50% more than the M1. It also has 24GB of unified memory for superfluous multitasking and multitasking, allowing its user to work with multiple large files at the same time.

If you are worried about laptop security, then Apple has got you covered. The MacBook Pro M2 has security and privacy features “beyond anything in its class”. it has built-in protections to fight malware and viruses, the freedom to choose how you manage your privacy, and Touch ID.

The MacBook Air M2 includes MagSafe charging, two Thunderbolt 3 ports, a 3.5mm headphone jack with support for high-impedance headphones, four speakers, and a Magic Keyboard.

MacBook Air M2 price

Apple is currently allowing people to pre-order the M2 MacBook Air at a starting price of $1199. Apple M2 MacBook Air enthusiasts can choose between the MacBook Air with 256GB SSD storage, which is priced at $1,199, or the one with 512GB SSD storage, which is $1,499, according to the Apple Store. .

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