American Express just dropped crocodile skin from its online store


American Express will no longer offer crocodile skin items in its Membership Rewards online store.

When customers spend with their American Express card, they receive points in their account. These points can be spent on a number of different things, including the multinational’s own online store, which features everything from designer bags to coffee machines.

But following pressure from PETA US, customers can no longer buy anything made of crocodile skin.

According to the animal rights organization, more than 300,000 of its members have messaged American Express urging the company to stop supporting the trade in exotic animal skins. Now he has obliged.

The crocodile skin industry

The crocodile skin industry has been criticized for cruelty. In 2016, PETA published the results of a survey in Vietnam, which found animals living in cramped concrete enclosures.

PETA says the workers gave the crocodiles electric shocks, before cutting their necks and inserting rods down their throats. The organization also claimed to have found evidence that some crocodiles may have been skinned alive.

Tracy Reiman, executive vice president of PETA, praised American Express for no longer engaging with the industry.

She said: “American Express collects significant points for abandoning an industry that cuts and skins crocodiles alive, as our investigations have shown.

“PETA US celebrates this compassionate initiative and reminds everyone that for every crocodile-skin bag, belt, or pair of boots, an intelligent, sentient animal suffered a horrific death.”

Luxury brands Burberry, Chanel and Altuzarra have also ditched exotic animal skins in recent years.
Hermès continues to use crocodile skin, which has inspired several animal rights organizations to focus their attention on the fashion house. You can support PETA’s campaign here.


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