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If you’re like most realtors and teams, you’re currently trying to keep your pipeline full of leads from buyers and sellers, and a backlog of business for this month and months to come. There are many amazing ways to do social media marketing that will keep you engaged with your sphere and potential buyers and sellers, and generate leads for future customer relationships.

Here are some easy-to-implement social media marketing strategies you can apply right now that will help you leverage your brand, keeping your face and your business in front of people while everyone else is spending more time. than ever in front of the screen!

1. Create publications that market your services. Go to Canva.com and use their graphic editor to create high quality images with messages that promote YOU and your business. A lot of times agents only post interior and exterior photos of their listings which is good but doesn’t promote you and your services. You can offer the following: Exclusive Home Buyer’s Guide or Program, a “Successful Home Marketing” strategy, a free market analysis for your home, assistance in obtaining free pre-approval, virtual services and virtual open houses.

2. Post testimonials from satisfied customers. Take testimonials from your satisfied customers and create a canvas graphic with your customer’s photo. Post this and use hashtags like #anotherhappyclient, #buywithsherri, #sellwithsherri, #grateful, #lovemyjob, #homeiseverthing and #loveyourhome.

3. Generate more reviews online. Having reviews, testimonials and recommendations online is essential for your future business. Agents with less experience but more online reviews will gain business from a more experienced, high performing agent who has less or no reviews. An easy way to generate them is to email your sphere a link to your Facebook business page and ask them for a five-star review. You can start the email with “Next time you’re on Facebook, check out my Facebook page which has everything you want to know about the housing market in the community of (insert name). And while you’re at it, I would very much appreciate you giving me a five star review. Here is the link.”

4. Create a community Facebook page to promote your community. It’s so easy to promote the city or town where you live, work and play. And right now, everyone needs this communication more than ever. Promote local restaurants that offer take out or other local businesses that can make life easier for residents. Daily at 3pm, post the restaurant of the day and link to their online menu, hours, and phone number for easy reference. You can also help connect people with guardians, daycares, or senior care. These are ways to help the community, and your name will be all over town (as usual).

5. Post good news. There are real estate sales all the time and consumers in your market need to know about them. Show that you had four closings this week OR that home values ​​rose 10% in the first quarter. Display the information people need and want to know about their community about the housing market. Share news that you are taking new announcements for the spring and summer markets, and are now making appointments with buyers and sellers until May.

You can also promote your virtual services that you offer (virtual tours, virtual marketing and staging, virtual dates, virtual offers, etc.) and that you are busy with business. You can also post interest rates and articles related to high activity in your market. Your post should also state that you are able to meet anyone’s real estate needs, whether it’s buying or selling within the next 3-6 months. You are building up a backlog of cases and making future appointments.

More people are using social media online than they were a month ago. You will position yourself optimally by promoting your exclusive services, testimonials, virtual open houses and other virtual solutions to conduct real estate business, and you will help the community while keeping your name in front of thousands of people. Realize it and start your online marketing now. Happy selling!

Click here for a copy of Sherri’s exclusive email to send to your sphere to request online advice and new business. You can reach Sherri at 844-989-2600 or yourock@sherrijohnson.com .

Sherri Johnson is CEO and Founder of Sherri Johnson Coaching & Consulting. With 20 years of real estate experience, Johnson offers coaching, consulting and speaking engagements, and is a national speaker for the Homes.com Secrets of Top Selling Agents tour and the official real estate coach for McKissock Learning and Real Estate Express. . She is also a RISMedia 2020 real estate host as an industry influencer. Sign up for a free 30-minute coaching strategy session or visit www.sherrijohnson.com for more information.


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