4 companies help micro and small businesses set up an online store


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, traditionally run small businesses have been hit the hardest. They never felt the need to embrace digital means to run their businesses, as they primarily catered to the surrounding areas.

However, the nationwide lockdown has given them a very difficult time. From shops to local jewelry stores, confectionery, stationery, street vendors, home chefs and many more had no income. It was also around the time when these small entrepreneurs were adapting to online sales.

In the midst of the pandemic, many companies have also become popular due to their nature of helping micro and small businesses to set up online stores without any technical know-how. SMBShistory lists four of these companies.


Hirdyesh Mordani and Sanju Bhambhani, co-founders, MyEasyStore

Hirdyesh Mordani and Sanju Bhambhani begin MyEasyStore amid the nationwide lockdown to allow small business owners to continue to run their businesses smoothly.

“The pandemic brought unpredictable changes to every business, and the need of the hour was to survive. Although I have stopped relying on aggregators for my cloud kitchen business, I have faced the challenges of maintaining a store in the digital space. My DMs were inundated with questions: what’s on the menu? How can I place an order? What is the price? Do you have pictures? It has become chaotic and difficult to manage, to say the least, ”explains Hirdyesh Mordani, co-founder of MyEasyStore.

Hirdyesh realized that many other small business owners face the same challenges as him.

The duo started working on the product in April and launched the feature-flooded e-commerce platform in Mumbai in May 2020. The startup allows SME entrepreneurs to set up their personalized online store in minutes on the platform. -form MyEasyStore.

“This digital approach to their business allows small business owners to showcase and sell their products and services online and receive customer orders directly on WhatsApp,” Hirdyesh said.

Recently, the company has also integrated hyperlocal delivery services on its platform in partnership with Dunzo, Shadowfax and Wefast.

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Co-founders of Dukaan

Founded in May 2020 by Suumit Shah, Subhash Choudhary, Anurag Meena, and Kaustub Pandey, Dukaan is a Bengaluru-based SaaS company that enables anyone to build an eCommerce website on their platform in 30 seconds.

“You don’t need any technical knowledge to start using Dukaan. Dukaan is a platform where you can digitally manage all your back-store operations – you can set up your shipping costs, manage orders, create WhatsApp banners / stories, offering meals with QR codes, etc. ”, explains Suumit Shah, founder of Dukaan.

Dukaan has an active seller base of over three million, including teachers, service providers, and even outside taxi drivers. The SaaS platform hosts businesses and brands in 200 different categories.

Each category has unique characteristics and players, meeting different needs including resolving payments with the UPI stack, bookkeeping, inventory management, and more.

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The co-founders of Bikayi Sonakshi Nathani & Ashutosh Singla (LR)

Coming from the business world, Sonakshi nathani saw that in his family grocery store, order and catalog management was a real challenge.

“These people (store staff) had started taking orders on WhatsApp. Regular customers were messaging the items they wanted on the chat. But a lot of time was spent determining the order and checking the inventory, ”says Sonakshi.

This is when the “Eureka” moment happened. Sonakshi, with her friend, Ashutosh Singla, begin Bikayi to allow small businesses to quickly and easily create their online stores, equipped with all the necessary tools to manage e-commerce on WhatsApp.

“Anyone doing business on WhatsApp is our number one customer, whether it’s a grocery store, wholesaler, manufacturer, retailer, restaurant or bakery,” she says.

The Bikayi app offers both free and premium subscription-based features which include perks like the ability to generate promo codes, different themes, access to analytics, and more.

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Kumar Vembu, Founder, GoFrugal

Kumar Vembu installation GoFrugal in 2004 in Chennai as software for India. 17 years later, GoFrugal has established itself as a digitally driven company, delivering cloud and mobile ERP solutions to retail, catering and distribution businesses.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, GoFrugal launched a hybrid point of sale solution for retailers – OrderEasy and GoDeliver – to help small businesses set up their own online ordering app and order management app. deliveries in the form of free subscription.

With OrderEasy, retailers can quickly set up a branded Android app for online orders, and store owners can serve their consumers within days.

Orders are automatically sent to the company’s ERP, making it easier for retailers to measure and improve their service capability. The ordering experience is designed similar to popular apps, where the order is only punched when the item is available.

The GoDeliver mobile app provides retailers with a platform to efficiently manage deliveries. It gives full control by streamlining deliveries, sharing the most optimal routes with their delivery staff, tracking delivery, location and even rescheduling or canceling. This helps retailers manage delivery logistics easily and efficiently, serving more orders than usual.

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