Top Home Gym Provider iWorkOut Launches Official Online Store in Australia


iWorkOut, a beast in the world of fitness equipment, has taken the fitness game to the next level after launching its official store in Australia, offering a wide range of equipment and accessory options.

Leading home gym provider iWorkOut, trusted by thousands of Australians as their “at home” fitness partner, has launched its official online store in Australia, providing the ultimate platform to shop for fitness equipment – from kettlebells to dumbbells and dumbbells.

On the website, fitness professionals and enthusiasts can view the abundance of stock located locally. iWorkOut has a wide range of sections on the site, ranging from strength, cardio, functional, floor, bench & supports, rehabilitation, and packages.

Fitness enthusiasts can now order exceptional quality competition/professional kettlebells, the world’s most effective tool for massive gains in strength, speed and athletic endurance. These Pro-Grade kettlebells are ergonomically designed by leading Russian weightlifters and trainers and are used by professional kettlebell athletes around the world in all international kettlebell competitions.

Competition kettlebells come in the same sizes throughout the 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 40 and 48 kg range. Therefore, there is no need to change technique when moving between weights. Kettlebells are made of steel and have narrower handles. So there is no lateral slippage. The thinner handle makes gripping less of a problem in high rep snatch sets.

Vinyl-coated dumbbells, which are among the best sellers, offer a smoother surface and non-slip grip and some tear-resistant qualities for durability. Both coatings help prevent scratches and marks, while being easy to clean and disinfect.

Meanwhile, those looking to save time, improve athletic performance, and strengthen virtually every muscle in the body with a wider range of resistance can turn to iWorkOut dumbbells. The 5-foot Olympic barbell, for example, is ideal for small health clubs or serious home users who lift Olympic weights. The bar has 50mm diameter free-spinning ends, compatible with all Olympic plates. The equipment also comes with safety collars.

iWorkOut Australia also offers home gym packages. The company offers specific sets to integrate into garages, sets of benches and weights, as well as functional trainers.

iWorkOut Australia offers fast and reliable delivery across Australia and has a 24/7 support service for thousands of customers. It prides itself on 100% payment security and accepts all major credit cards.

For over 20 years, the company has customized an at-home fitness experience for its customers to meet all of their individual needs. The team has spent years listening to customer feedback to perfect the ultimate experience of shopping for home gym equipment online.

This time, the launch of its online store in Australia demonstrates its commitment to providing the lowest prices, direct-to-consumer wholesale and a huge range of products.

Those who want to receive all the latest in-store products and promotions straight to their inbox can sign up right away. Others interested in learning more about iWorkOut Australia can visit for more information.

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