Toei Animation closes its online store after being hit by a major hack


There’s no doubt that Toei Animation is one of the biggest companies in Japan, thanks to the success of anime titles like Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, and One Piece. However, the studio was still facing a major problem with its website after it was hacked, and Toei decided to temporarily shut down its online store to prevent further damage.

Toei Animation released a statement regarding the hack, confirming that a third party illegally accessed the network on Sunday, March 6, 2022. The company immediately responded by shutting down its network as well as its online store, which is believed to be one. of the main targets of the hack. It is possible that the hack was intended to find and potentially leak transaction information and personal information about Toei’s customers and business partners.

The animation studio is currently investigating the matter alongside a specialist security company. In order to prevent further damage, the website prevents access to the online store and any outside access to its internal systems. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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Piracy is a huge concern for Toei Animation considering the number of customers who have been using their website and online store for several years now. Leaking transaction histories as well as personal information of customers and business partners could be a blow to the company, so it’s understandable that they are doing all they can to handle the situation. Hopefully the issue will be resolved soon.

In the meantime, Toei Animation previously confirmed that there will be a new Dragon Ball Super movie releasing later this year. Details on the new project have yet to be revealed, but no doubt we will have further updates in the coming weeks.

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