To even out pay gaps across gender, race and ethnicity, online store ‘suggests’ higher prices for white men


Compliance software solutions provider Trusaic opened the Pay Gap store, an online store that “suggests” prices to customers based on their gender and ethnicity. The store sells a range of t-shirts, mugs and tote bags with the message “Where’s my X%?” — where the value of “X” depends on each customer’s gender, race/ethnicity, and associated pay gap.

Buyers whose gender and race/ethnicity enjoy higher wages will be asked to pay more than those who, on average, earn less. For example, Asian men are asked to pay the highest prices because they earn the most and experience no wage gap on average. All other groups are offered a lower price based on their personal discount:

  • A cup may suggest a base price of $24.99 for an Asian man;
  • This same cup would suggest a price of $20.99 for a white man (reflecting a 16% pay gap); and
  • The mug would suggest a price of $12.24 for a Hispanic woman (reflecting a 51% pay gap).

The store does not require customers to pay different prices. Suggested prices are based on each buyer’s profile, but everyone can choose to pay the lower price if they prefer (in the example above, anyone can buy the mug for $12.24). All proceeds from the store will be donated to an appropriate charity.

The various awards are based on US Census data collected as part of the 2019 American Community Survey. Trusaic used this data to calculate the difference between the average salary earned by the selected class and the highest paid class, then divide that by the salaries of the highest-paid group to determine the pay gap.


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