This online store allows you to buy phones for half price in Kenya


Badili Africa, the platform for buying old phones, has just launched its e-commerce store allowing users to buy refurbished phones. The e-commerce platform allows users to get their hands on a variety of Badili refurbished phone models.

Badili Africa E-commerce

Badili is also the official takeover partner of Apple’s Salute iWorld and Samsung East Africa. You can trade in your old iPhone or Samsung devices for a newer model through these partnerships. Now you should be able to browse and buy a number of refurbished smartphones sold at half market price at Badili.

A refurbished phone refers to a used device that has been thoroughly checked and returned to full working order.

Unboxing a refurbished phone purchased from Badili introduces you to the device and necessary accessories. The box contains a free phone, charging head, USB cable, thank you note and screen protector (for specific models). That’s quite the over the top since even new flagship devices from Apple and Samsung lack some of these accessories.

As good as new

Badili says they make sure every phone purchased from them is in “like new” condition. This condition makes it almost similar to what you would get when buying a brand new phone, as there are minimal signs of wear. Considering they are also half the market price, their offer is quite attractive.

The phone comes with a 12-month unlimited warranty that gives you technical support with Badili technicians in case you need it. Therefore, if you want to own your favorite smartphone at an affordable price, maybe check out Badili. Their refurbished phone store can be accessed directly through their website.


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