This Japanese online store sells household items for left-handers


When it comes to shopping in Japan, you can find almost anything your heart desires. Useful ¥100 kitchen gadgets to genius new products, there’s usually something that matches your interests, no matter how specific or obscure they are. Now there is even a store dedicated to lefties called Hidari-kiki no Doguten.

The online store offers all kinds of household tools and kitchen utensils designed for those who prefer to use their left hand. You’ll be able to find items like scissors, pens, knives, folding fans, planners, ladles, teapots, and left-handed stationery.

Hidari-kiki no Doguten has even collaborated with well-known Japanese brands to create special items like a left-handed bread knife from Morinoki and a cute left-handed mug from Origami ceramics.

The store is online only, but you can browse and test the products in person at Hidari-kiki no Doguten’s pop-up store at Tottori Daimaru between March 2 and 8. If you’re not around Tottori, follow the shop on instagram and keep an eye out for the next event as it often holds pop-ups at major stores across Japan, including Tokyu Hands.

Or just browse the full range in line – Just keep in mind that shipping is only available in Japan.

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