“The online store enables better, more market-oriented and attractive unit prices”


Buying, selling, cleaning and repairing plastic crates and pallets has been the core competence of WASTO-PAC Ltd for many years. The Erfstadt-based service provider is increasingly focusing on digitization. The company not only wants to increase efficiency, but also wants to tackle sustainability and customer service issues, says managing director Walter Ahn.

Recently, the online store was launched. It has been integrated with the existing web presence. “We deliberately chose a different route compared to many other B2B stores: we show customers a ‘pickup price’ and offer them to pick up the goods themselves, as their carriers may have more favorable terms. However, customers can also request a daily freight price from us, depending on the volumes ordered. For us, transport is only a means to an end and is not intended as an additional activity”, states Ahn.

For many years, Walter Ahn has supported many players – for example in the fruit and vegetable sector – with comprehensive services for all aspects of plastic transport containers.

Attractive free prices adapted to the market
In addition to the company headquarters and the warehouse in Erftstadt, other storage locations are also located here. According to Ahn, this has several advantages: “The customer will get a better unit price, which is more market-oriented and attractive. We don’t think much about setting a price so high that it can cover the whole of Germany. the freight market is under such pressure that no longer-term guarantees can be given.”

Celebrating the new online store, WASTO-PAC is offering at least two items with special offers in the month of February.

New and used
According to Ahn, the goal of the digitization strategy is to fill the online store with more products – such as plastic pallets, rigid and collapsible pallet boxes, small containers such as fruit and vegetable boxes, accessories such as lids or pallet box collars – thus offering customers a wide range of products digitally and conveniently. “This will mainly involve brand new reusable packaging, but also sometimes special batches of used vouchers.”

An overview of the digital ordering portal

Additional contribution to sustainability
The integration of the store on the homepage also aims to show customers added values ​​such as cleaning and repair, concludes Ahn. “It is an additional contribution to sustainability because it makes the products usable for longer.”

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