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Mojang is celebrating its new collaboration with sportswear designer Puma with a free DLC and skin pack, to go along with the new line of apparel and sneakers.

As Minecraft continues to take over the world, more companies want to join and team up with them. The latest global brand to jump into the Minecraft name is Puma, teaming up with the blocky survival game to produce a range of stylish and comfortable clothing. And, of course, Mojang celebrated the only way they know how – with yet another completely free downloadable Minecraft map and skin pack, meaning you can dress up your Minecraft avatar as you are in your new Puma cup.

Minecraft x Puma Merchandise Collection

If you like to wear your favorite game on your sleeve, then this crossover is for you. In addition to the Minecraft merchandise you can already get your hands on on the official store, Puma has now gotten in on the action so you can add blocky sportswear to your wardrobe.

It looks like the stunning collection is currently only available to shoppers in the US, with a range of t-shirts, hoodies and joggers available now on PUMA’s US site. A selection of sneakers is also on the horizon, joining the collection on various dates by the end of March 2022.

Minecraft Sprint Map and Puma Skin Pack free download

Minecraft Puma DLC Merchandise Collection and Skin Pack

The latest Minecraft collaboration comes with free DLC, available on the Bedrock Edition on consoles and Windows PC. Sprint Dash is a high-stakes foot race through a mix of landscapes – from caves and cliffs to cities and skyscrapers. And, of course, the Jungle – where else would a Puma call home, after all.

In order to achieve your best Sprint Dash performance, you will need the proper sportswear. Luckily, you can outfit your avatar with all of your favorite Minecraft x Puma parts in the exclusive Skin Pack. The Sprint Dash map and Puma Skin Pack will be available for download through the Minecraft Marketplace on Bedrock Edition starting February 8, 2022.


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