The Bloody Disgusting online store is now open with limited Halloween t-shirts and merchandise!


This year has been huge for Bloody disgusting, and we can’t thank each and every one of you enough for all the support. Every “like”, every social share and every article read is more appreciated than we could ever express, and believe me when I say we are well aware that Bloody Disgusting wouldn’t be Bloody Disgusting without YOU .

We’re a fan-focused company every step of the way, and if you’re truly a fan of what we do and want to lend your support, we’re happy to announce that the official Bloody Disgusting online store is now open for business. Yes, that means official BD merchandise!

For the very first time we are offering Bloody Disgusting t-shirts in our own official online store, and we currently have two new designs available. One is Halloween themed and limited to the season, and we’re also currently offering an orange beanie as part of our limited Halloween collection which won’t be around for long.

Additionally, you’ll find Bloody Disgusting enamel pins (courtesy Cavity colors!) in the shop right now, along with a Bloody Disgusting sticker pack and a SCREAMBOX logo shirt.

The t-shirts printed on Next Level 3600 unisex shirts, ethically and eco-responsibly manufactured. And they’re made from premium 100% combed cotton.

Our special Halloween t-shirt is limited to 100 shirts this Halloween season only!

Head to the Bloody Disgusting online store to show your support.


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