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Publication date: 06/07/2022

EcoGiving is a new online store that helps local communities buy the best eco-friendly products while donating to their favorite charity

Garry Robey has been a highly respected brand architect for 20 years and has seen trends come and go, but nothing has been more important to him than reducing plastic, food waste and animal-tested products.

Garry and his wife, Tammy, who lived in a “zero plastic house” in Torrox (Malaga) for five years, have always played an active role in the community. The couple organized and participated in many beach cleanups during this time, while supporting local charities and worthy causes.
However, Garry quickly realized there was a problem connecting the community to charities that desperately needed regular funding, prompting his decision to launch ecogiving.organ online store set up to help local communities buy the best EU eco-products and donate to their favorite charity.

The missing link

Garry and Tammy, whose vocation is to reduce plastic and litter around the world, expressed concern that there was no additional support for the important work that local charities are undertaking in Spain.

They realized that a ‘big link’ was missing and so decided to ‘connect the dots’ to help charities secure regular donations from local communities.

“We already have over 150 charities lined up at the moment, although I hope that by the end of this year we will have 500 charities linked to the online store. We aim to raise 2.4 million euros for charities across Spain over the next 12 months,” explained Garry.

Garry’s “mission” is to bring communities together and help local charities, schools and animal shelters while saving the planet.

How it works

The store offers a range of household, cleaning and hygiene products, as well as a selection of kitchen and pet accessories. When the consumer buys a product, part of the profit margin is donated to charity.

The site allows any NGO, school or religious establishment, free of charge, to register on the site, and the consumer can decide to which cause his donation goes.

“We are an online store that sells the best certified vegan plastic free products, all made in the UK and Europe. Everything is very concise and transparent. The consumer is informed of the exact amount of his donation.

“We donate 60-70% of our profits to our partners and you cannot pay unless you choose a charity at checkout or click on a dedicated affiliate link.”

Check ecogiving.org to help your favorite charity while shopping!

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You can also participate in their contest and win more than 80 euros worth of eco-friendly products by simply liking their Facebook page. Participants will be entered into a raffle and a winner will be drawn.

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