Some Blizzard Fans Think Online Store Relaunch Could Include NFTs


Blizzard announces an “all-new experience” coming to its Gear Store, which looks a lot like an entry into the controversial NFT industry.

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Blizzard Entertainment recently announced massive revisions coming to its Gear store. Promising a “new and improved online experience for collectibles,” many gamers are bracing for an announcement that Blizzard is getting into NFTs.

At the end of October, Blizzard Entertainment announced that it would be hosting Blizzard Gear Fest, a massive sale of old and new Blizzard merchandise. With this new announcement, its clearance sale role for this revamp has become apparent.


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The Blizzard Gear Store relaunch is set to take place early next year. To prepare for this, however, the Equipment Store will be unavailable for a short but indefinite amount of time as these unknown changes are implemented. Although Blizzard promised more details soon, the vague terminology and emphasis on an “experience” involving “collectibles” led many to speculate that Blizzard would start selling NFTs.

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NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are a type of cryptocurrency that is collected in digital receipts represented by artwork, rather than digital coins. Over the past year they have become a hot topic, many celebrities and industries have come into fashion. However, their environmentally polluting nature, toxic and addictive communities, and the trend of art theft established by NFTs gave them a bad reputation, especially among artists, whom NFTs were meant to protect.

Blizzard’s vague announcement is not yet a confirmation that it is entering the NFT trade. Many people think this could just mean Blizzard is getting rid of its logistics partner and Gear Store supplier, Fanatics. The sportswear supplier, which has run the Blizzard Gear store since 2019, is known for producing shoddy clothing at high costs and abysmal customer service. Since existing Blizzard Gear Store gift cards will be invalid after the change, some believe it’s switching vendors again – and given the controversies surrounding Blizzard amid its many lawsuits, such micro-fixes would be developments. welcome.

A lot of fans won’t be happy if Blizzard gets into NFTs. NFTs are anything but universally adored. Despite their ability to make money, the many negatives they entail far outweigh the positives among the gaming and artist communities, as evidenced by the massive backlash and boycotts felt by companies. like Artstation and Discord when they announced that NFTs could be in their future. Ubisoft also recently launched its NFT initiatives which performed poorly amid significant backlash. Hopefully Blizzard will be able to read the coin and avoid NFTs, lest it add even more controversy to its growing pile.

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