Reuben Gonzales launches an online store and presents a pop-up store


With Christmas upon us, many are still frantically searching for that gift – whether for a loved one or for ourselves – to grab our attention.

Those with a flair for fashion may be interested in Reuben Gonzales’ playful resort wear, now available to order on the company’s brand new e-commerce site and at Fashion Arch’s Christmas pop-up store in 145 spaces. creative today.

Gonzales, the founder of the brand, spoke with Loop news about his decision to build the company’s e-commerce platform, a decision many business owners first made or expanded during the pandemic.

“I’ve had the website since 2019 and always wanted to turn it into an e-commerce store,” Gonzales explained, explaining that pandemic conditions had been the catalyst for the decision to finally launch the store.

In an effort to make the company one of the leading ready-to-wear brands in the Caribbean, Gonzales realized that their brand and products needed to be more accessible and spent the last few months adjusting the last. online platform details, “resolve issues with payment and shipping options” to ensure a positive customer experience, from site browsing to ordering and delivery.

Gonzales’ decision to expand his reach to online shoppers is tied to the wider awareness on the part of For many entrepreneurs, investing in physical outlets is not always a reliable and sustainable choice.

“I tried going into some brick and mortar stores and it didn’t make sense on my end or their end,” he shared. “It’s a bet to enter a physical store. “

According to Gonzales, rent and the compulsion to produce at a particular rate that matched the needs of the owners rather than his own and those of the customers were among the main reasons why the physical store business was not a priority for him.

“You want to work on your own terms … go to [your] its own pace, ”he continued.

Gonzales said many companies “became familiar with online transactions” during the pandemic and he felt he absolutely had to be a part of this shift in the right direction.

A creation by Reuben Gonzales

The brand’s presence at Fashion Arch’s Christmas pop-up store is also essential for Gonzales’ holidays and projects, ensuring access for last-minute shoppers and those who prefer to see items up close before buying.

Another iteration of this event took place earlier this month, showcasing the work of over 20 artisans and designers who allowed customers to meet the creatives and select their favorite items in an intimate yet spacious setting.

The founder of fashion arch, entrepreneur Ain Earle, regularly hosts pop-up shops and provides marketing and merchandising services to creative entrepreneurs like Gonzales, who praised the collaboration with the Earle Company as a way to make his pieces more accessible to discerning buyers. fashionable and curious about fashion. .

The brand’s signature pieces – bathrobes, coat hangers, crop tops and wrap bra tops – are among the items that will be on sale. Orders can also be placed on parts featured in the online catalog which are out of stock at the time of purchase and will be fulfilled in the New Year.

Visit the new Reuben Gonzales website and follow the mark on Instagram and Facebook for updates.


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