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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) has set up an online store, and more are in the pipeline, to sell its merchandise, ranging from t-shirts and caps to mugs and keychains.

The party made an announcement in this regard through its social media account and urged people to shop from there.

“We are proud to launch #PTIMerchandise Marketplace where we will feature 3rd party vendors selling PTI branded merchandise such as t-shirts, kurtas, flags, bottles, mugs, caps, mufflers, etc. Please check the market at,” said a tweet from the official PTI account.

He also said that two more online stores will be launched soon.

The party’s website advertises: “Welcome to PTI Official Merchandise Store”, but at the same time it mentions that the stores do not belong to the PTI.

“We endorse these third-party stores after their commitment to excellent customer service and good quality products,” he said.

Speaking to Dawn, PTI lawmaker Ali Nawaz Awan said the party has no business advantage behind the online store.

“In my opinion, the PTI has enabled the online store to reach more people and increase its overwhelming popularity. If the party had wanted to make money, it could have done so through the monetization of media accounts social,” he added.

Products that will be available on the online store include t-shirts, with slogans printed on them, kurtas with pictures of Imran Khan, flags, bottles, mugs, caps, mufflers, etc.

Posted in Dawn, September 21, 2022


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