Physical store or online store: which is better?


Physical store or eCommerce, which do you prefer?

This question has been at the center of small business thinking for several years. And they are trying to figure out whether or not it is worth investing in a website to sell on the internet.

Let’s say there is no single answer to those who want to know if it is a better physical or eCommerce store. It depends on several factors. Nevertheless, we can confirm that the Web can be an adequate medium even for small local businesses.

Also, those who decide to invest and open a quality store can make the difference without choosing between a physical or eCommerce store.

physical store vs online store

The physical store is that establishment or local, in which our potential customers can buy their products in person at the same place. This type of business is many years old since internet platforms and the internet itself did not exist some time ago.

On the other hand, online stores are born nowadays, and many of the newer companies that we know have opted for this type. So, let’s start with the pros and cons of these two store models.

Advantages of the physical store compared to the online store

The physical store has several advantages, which can help you decide how to sell your products. Therefore, we will give you a summary of some of the advantages that this type of store offers.

Live Product Display

Your customers will be able to analyze and observe all the characteristics of the product right now, which can help them decide to buy in this way for the simple reason that they know one hundred percent what the product looks like.

Immediate acquisition of the product

Having the product in your hands and using it without waiting for its arrival is much more convenient, and for those occasions when you buy urgently, this type of store is much more useful.

Consumer loyalty

By being face to face with your potential customer, you will be able to convince him that your store is the best in this sector and above all to retain him. It is sure that he will go to your store before the competition the next time he has to buy a product similar to the one you are selling.

You will also encourage them to recommend you to other potential customers and thus achieve a greater number of visits to your establishment.

Complexity in the sale of these products

Suppose in your store you sell products which at first glance are difficult to sell due to the way they work or the type of utility they may have. In this case, the physical store is much more useful for reaching customers, and encouraging them to buy online can seem difficult.

Advantages of an online store compared to a physical store

As we have already said, an online store or eCommerce is that type of business with which you can make purchases in a much more comfortable way and without leaving home.

Nowadays, the internet world is becoming more and more broad, so many companies have opted for this type of store when selling their products.

Attract new customers

With this store model, we can get a wide range of potential customers, which we wouldn’t know we could reach, but with the help of ads and advertisements, we can get them to visit our website and decide to buy our products.

Cost reduction

When we talk about costs, we are referring to the money needed to be provided when setting up a store. And it is that the expenses of online stores are much lower since the most important thing is to acquire a domain and, after that, to devote time to creation. In addition to the brand’s own expenses and payment for shipments of your products. Whereas in a physical store, you have to have a store, pay for electricity, the expenses of the brand itself, etc.

But if we take stock, the expenses of the online store are much lower than the expenses of the physical store.

The same goes for customers: buying products or services from online stores is often cheaper and more convenient.

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More comfort

Another advantage is the possibility of working from where we want and it is that when working on the web it is not necessary to always be in the same physical place.

In addition, this type of store provides greater convenience to the store creator, but also our customers can get our products anytime they need.

Extended opening hours

Usually in every physical store there are opening and closing hours. However, in the case of online stores, this does not happen; Why? For the simple fact that although we have our working day, the page is open 24 hours a day, which allows us to obtain more product sales.

For example, if you’re watching a movie at night and want some popcorn, you know you can order it online at, even if the physical stores are closed.


As you know, the business world continues to grow and change, which is why we recommend that, before making the final decision, you carefully analyze which type of store is the most suitable for your business.

Also, in many cases, many businesses decide to create both types of stores and join both to reach more customers and future customers that will help your business grow.

The negative side of deciding to create both types of stores is the cost because by doing both, the money you will have to spend will be twice as much as if you choose one of the two.


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