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Local Tycoon beats the big brands on quality and price

An online store that has gained huge exposure for selling quality products at low prices has revealed how it beats big brands on price. Local Tycoon ( is so convinced it can beat its competitors on price that it recently challenged Amazon to match its prices.

Since launching its online store, Local Tycoon has made it its mission to provide consumers with the best deals online. Tycoon’s local mission has earned them a reputation as a place to shop for consumers wanting to save money on their purchases. Thanks to their low prices, they have become one of the rising stars of the online store world.

When asked how they beat the big brands on price, a spokeswoman explained, “We work hard to make sure our prices are always the lowest. Unlike big brands, we have less overhead. And we pass all the savings on to our customers. The main reason our prices are so low is our profit margin. Most big brands have a high markup they put on their products; we have a much smaller one.

Local Tycoon went on to explain that by only putting a small markup on their products, they know their customers will tell family and friends how low the prices are. This means that Local Tycoon doesn’t have to spend a lot of money on marketing, as most of its customers come from referrals.

Some price examples showing how low prices are on the popular Local Tycoon store are shown here

dog car seat cover

The dog car seat cover has become one of the hottest and best selling products on the Local Tycoon store ( Since its recent launch in the store, over 15,544 people have purchased the car accessory.

It is priced at just $58.99, which shows how low the prices are on the popular online store.

Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses

Over 20902 people have bought the anti blue light gaming glasses since their launch ( They protect eye health by blocking harmful blue light from your gaming devices, laptops and digital devices.

They’re currently priced at just $24.99, which is a real savings.

There are plenty of great deals available on the Local Tycoon store. All products come with full warranty and fast shipping service. New products are added to the online store regularly.

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Local Tycoon Store is a popular online store that sells quality products at low prices.

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